Wednesday, July 23, 2008

cant believe -short life

cant believe i had been dragged out off my obsession on manga this long.

was i that occupied?
was i that blind?
oh, i know i am one among that kind,
blind, blind, blind!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's time to...

It's time my dear, it's the time.
somewhat i wish i didn’t have such memories,
sometimes i wish that i didn’t remember things.
but still, there are also good things,
there are also good times,
and for that, i make another wish,
i wish i could remember everything
with my happy and happy thoughts.
and that everything is good for me,
and i smiled and laughed with happiness,
instead of shedding my tears.

I actually wrote this piece as a reply to my friend’s journal in hi5. Still, though his beautifully contrasting style, I have no ideas whether I made it as a real reply, or as a whispering voice to myself. Yet, it would serve for both purposes, and yes for both of us!

and here is "βậd βoï ®"'s journal. Here with his kind permission! Cheers my dear!

It's time to end this feeling though it hurts so much...
It's time to get rid of SOMEONE from my broken heart though it's so damn tough and painful...
It's time to leave my memories with SOMEONE behind though they're unforgetable...
It's time to forget happy time with that SOMEONE though I wanna remember...
It's time to enjoy though I know myself I couldn't...
It's time to be a new guy though I'm the same person still...
It's time to be stronger though I'm still weak...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Raging Djinn

The Djinn asked the man to be released from the bottle,
The man ignored its wish, he just stood there looking.
The Djinn asked the man to be released from the bottle,
The man ignored its wish, he just stood there smiling.

Oh, the Djinn needed to be free, badly needed to be free,
It wanted no longer to stay in that tiny little bottle.
Hopelessness was turned into rage,
“I will kill the man, I will kill the man.”

All the hopelessness turned into rage,
“You are no longer my rescuer.
You are my soul twister,
Wait till I get out, I will kill you.”

And so, rage ruins everything,
And becomes everything.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

me2you: my inwardness

My dear,

I myself am an easily-attached person,
If you approach me right,
I’m gonna stick with you.

I’m gonna be with you,
I’m gonna be.

You need to treat me right,
And I’m gonna stay with you,
Stay with you.

Still, don’t push me away,
With no reasons,
With no good reasons.

I can run after you,
To get back together,
Once, twice, trice,
But not too often, not always.

I like you a lot,
But when my heart hurts easily,
Sooner or later,
I will go away.

(Or tell me you need me no longer,
Then you don’t have to drive me away,
just let me know!)

- Not so sure whether or not I go overreacting, but this is what has been in my mind late last night. I don’t know what went wrong, I have tried to figure things out but cant find the right reason still. Shall I let go of things?

Monday, July 07, 2008


Oh, I can catch you, I can hold you,
I can have you away from your mind.
But to think I can take away the blue,
I would then turn oh so blind.

Oh, I can catch you, I can hold you,
Still, you are away with your mind.
Oh, in order to take away that blue,
It would then do with your pride.

Oh, be calm, be calm,
It is all to do with your mind,
All to do with you paradigm,
Let go and it will be fine!

My old piece one year ago,
how come I did not put it in the blog then??!
But still my immediate question is that
I cant remember the motive I started this piece!
Did I write it for someone or for my-too-proud-self at that time?
It should go fot the latter, and oh my pride and my paradigm!