Sunday, January 01, 2012

A revening dog

Well, I just read what I felt for you in the previous post of March 2010, and it’s funny that my feeling has changed so much. After you’d gone disappeared when you were back in BJ, you made me sick of waiting. Sick to the point that I decided to wait no more, and decided to cut all the ties. I do not want to wait, I do not want to feel so hopeless like before. It was funny, I had my trial for you when you returned, and you failed that, Simply just that. Something to register that you didn’t care.

“We’d better be on our separated ways.” You seem shocked and speechless when I told you this.

Now, your larger-than-life effects on me were long gone. I see you as you are, as what you really are, and I wonder how impressions and illusions played trick with my mind.

You may need to cry over me not only because I was the one who walked away but because I was the one who spoiled you.

Maybe it’s when the dog gets its revenge.